The Firm

Pastor & M.Monche Abogados was founded by Ignacio Pastor Giménez-Salinas and Rafael Martínez-Monche Zaragoza, both of whom have extensive technical and practical experience gained from many years in leading law firms working with clients at national and international level.

Our commitment is not only to provide top quality professional services in the field of law to our clients, but to combine our experience and professional thoroughness with an approach that is both close and personalised. In brief, our clients know who we are, and that we are there for them at any time.

Our professional staff at Pastor & M.Monche Abogados consider it essential to familiarize themselves with the reality and needs of the firm’s clients at each stage of the work we perform for them. This is vital in helping clients attain their objectives and also enables us to offer them high added value and sound legal advice in their business transactions and activities.

The experience we have acquired in larger firms enables us to advise clients on highly technical matters of law, and our client-oriented approach and close working relationships strengthens our efficiency in searching for specific solutions to our client’s needs.

We start a professional collaboration with Tornos Abogados

With the objective of offering our clients a broader service in the defense of their interests, we have formalized an alliance with Tornos Abogados, specialized office in Public Law and Information Technology Law. In this way, we consolidate our professional collaboration with this firm started long ago, allowing us to take better advantage of synergies in legal practice.

This alliance, effective as of January 2017, is the joint work of a team of 25 lawyers who know in depth the legal areas of commercial law in all its areas and specialties and general administrative law that includes, Public law, environmental law and industrial safety and urban planning.